We ensure that nobody has to make a difficult journey on their own while at YWS.”

— Steve Doherty, YWS Executive Director

There is no “one size fits all” approach at Youth Without Shelter. Through “Value Snapshots” learn about the demonstrated value of YWS’s core programs. Each program “Value Snapshot” shares with you:

  • the critical issue the program is designed to address.
  • the essential personalized supports the YWS program provides as a solution to that issue.
  • the measurable outcomes of the YWS program through both data and the youth voice.
  • a look to the future and the identified shortfalls the program is striving to overcome to address the issue.

Together the “Value Snapshots” outline the customized strategies in place to accomplish the YWS vision of: ending homelessness, one youth at a time, one step at a time.
Using the navigation below, browse through the snapshots:

Emergency Residential program
Stay in school program
Life Skills program
Employment program
Housing & After care program
Educational Outreach program