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educational outreach Program


Youth homelessness solutions in Canada are moving towards a preventative approach. School based programming can support this shift by intervening quickly when youth are at risk of homelessness.* Evidence that homeless youth in classrooms identify discrimination as a major cause to their feeling excluded in a school environment.


of homeless youth reported that they had experienced bullying at school either ‘sometimes’ (37%) or ‘often’ (46%); four times higher than Canadian average.


of homeless youth are younger than 16 when first experienced homelessness.


of homeless youth experience “child protection” services vs 0.5% of general population.


of homeless youth in “high” symptom category for mental health issues.

*Source: Without A Home: National Youth Homelessness Survey

“Preventing youth homelessness means working upstream to help young people and their families, before homelessness becomes a problem. There are excellent examples of intervention strategies. Evidence base for the effectiveness of such interventions is strong.”

— A Way Home Canada

“I feel it is important to inform the public about homeless youth…most people don’t know about it. And most people are like “what does this have to do with me.”

— Grade 12 student workshop participant



education workshops reaching 12,062 youth in 317 schools since 2011

“Students not only learned the various causes that can lead to youth homelessness and how easy it is for individuals like themselves to end up on the street, but were also educated about what can be done to help prevent it and what can be done to help those individuals who find themselves in this situation.”

— A Way Home Canada



workshop participants indicate they are now aware of resources available in their community to assist with youth homelessness


of all groups invite YWS back for additional workshops


of workshop participants disclose they are homeless


of youth and 100% of educator participants feel that the workshops were useful to them

High participant engagement with 161 “projects” generated from workshops.

“We were involved in multiple workshops to educate us on the topic of homelessness in Toronto, specifically youth. The information conveyed really gave me a much better understanding of the struggles homeless youth in Toronto go through and what the organization of Youth Without Shelter is all about.”

— Grade 8 student who participated in art activism with Time4Change


“We need to shift our mind set about youth homelessness from; it’s a problem we just can’t solve to it’s a problem we can prevent through early intervention. This can only be made possible through community involvement and partnerships.”

— Mike Burnett, YWS Community Engagement and Educational Outreach Facilitator